Buying a rope or a shackle, adding a splice to a rope, choosing the right product suitable to answer to the dynamic characteristics requested… They are complicated steps, especially for who is not a professional, but a simple fan. In this page you’ll get the useful information in order to do the right choice. And remember that our Help Desk is glad to help you for any doubt or additional request.

  • Environment

    We make it our business to keep up with the new order for the protection of the environment
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  • Armare Colour System

    The unique Armare Colour System that allows the customisation of colours
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  • The HPS treatment

    The unique Armare prestretch system allows us to reduce elongation to the minimum
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  • The choice of a rope

    Tips for choosing the right product and understanding technical tables
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  • Long life to your ropes

    Simple steps to get the most from your ropes
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  • Which Fiber?

    Understanding different the types of fibres
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  • Armare Service

    A complete plan of rigging will be followed by Armare staff, from the project until the fitting on board.

    Armare Service

    Armare Service and Armare Riggers: competence and professionality at your service
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  • Storm Line Spliced

    Elegance, prestige, strength Made to measure
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  • PU treatment

    Treatment with Polyurethane Coating. This makes the braid more compact, improves abrasion resistance, facilitates splicing and the use without cover.

    PU treatment

    Treatment with Polyurethane Coating.
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  • Armare Super Shape

    Soft Braid 5, 6 and 7 are made with the special and unique Super Shape construction, invented and developed by Armare.

    Armare Super Shape

    At last! A solution to a triangulated sheet in the winch-blocks
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