Armare supports substainable development

Keeping in mind that we must never forget that it is from nature that we take the resources for our livelyhood, not from indutry, Armare has developed an ongoing sensibilitÓ towards environmental issues, especially with regards to the impact of industrial production on nature and to the welfare of people who work within the company. From the very beginning, Armare has developed a company policy inclined towards the respect of the territory and continues to operate according to the criteria of environmental substainability and compatibility.

Nothing gets waisted

Six key points for a sustainable production

  • Differentiated recovery and total recycling of fibers from productioncut-offs
  • Total re-use of wooden pallets received with raw materials for the shipping of finished products
  • The pallets that are not suitable for shipments, are re-directed to companies specialized in the recycling of wood
  • Total reuse of plastic pallets for internal handling of goods
  • Differentiated recovery and total recycling of paper, paperboard and wood cellulose-based packaging
  • Differentiated recovery and recycling of 90% of plastic packaging


How to avoid waste of resources

Corporate decisions subordinated to respect of the environment

  • Armare produces high quality products, cutting the costs of continuous replacement of worn out ropes, thus also reducing the costs of waste management.
  • For over 10 years the objective of the internal policy of Armare is to avoid mistaken purchases, causing both economic and environmental damage.
  • The construction of a new photovoltaic system for the total self-production of energy.
  • By producing all our products, we avoid the cost and the waste derived by the transport of semifinished products, reducing the emission of CO2.
  • Ongoing investments in the latest low energy consumption machinery, with control system technology, prevent waste and incorrect production.
  • Armare produces entirely in Italy, in accordance with European Community legislation and environmental issues.
  • By protecting the health of the people who work at Armare and by ensuring a healthy and modern work environment, we reduce the cost of public health, which we all support.
  • The use of low impact equipment and systems for heating/cooling work environments.
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