Custom strops, lock strops, forestay strops, lifting kits

In addition, as a complement to Furling Cables, Forestays and Shrouds, Armare designs and builds Custom Loops, using Dyneema® fiber. Dyneema® is properly treated and covered by a protective braided cover also made with a Dyneema® anti-chafe construction. All Loops are hand-made, following the technical specifications of the single project, in order to ensure optimal performance in terms of lightness, durability, flexibility, maximum working load and stretch.

Forestay Strops

These Strops are used for the connection between the textile forestay and the deck. They are particularly practical, and allow an optimum adjustment whether using structural- or furling stays.

Single Strops with T-Bone

The use of steel fitting (T-Bone) together with Dyneema® loops or strops solves many problems on board, e.g. the connections between deck and sails instead of using padeyes.