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Armare has created a new range of protection covers for technical ropes.
These products show the highest level of performance and extreme traction resistance, and originate from actual requirements on monotypes, racing boats and super yachts. The fibers used to produce the special protection covers have the highest thermic resistance, with a melting point up to 650 °C and excellent mechanical abrasion resistance. They are ideal for the protection of the critical points where the ropes run at high speed, with continuous friction and heavy loading. These are therefore the perfect solution to defend the exit points of halyards at the top of masts and on stoppers, the sheets and tackles on winches and all running rigging subject to high stress.

Construction and additional information

C57 - DYN WHITE NATURAL Cover in Dyneema® White Natural
C33 - DYN PURE BLACK PU COATED Cover in Dyneema® Pure Black
C17 - DYN SILVER GREY PU COATED Cover in Silver Grey Dyneema® Silver Grey
C56 - PBO Cover in PBO-Zylon®
C52 - BTEC Cover in Black Technora
C35 - BTEC+DYN Cover in Black Technora + Dyneema®
C85 - BTEC+DYN+PET Cover in Black Technora + Dyneema® + Polyester
C86 - BTEC+PET Cover in Black Technora + Polyester
C68 - KEV+DYN Cover in Kevlar + Dyneema®
C78 - KEV+DYN+PET Cover in Kevlar + Dyneema® + Polyester
C69 - KEV+PET Cover in Kevlar + Polyester
C24 - CRD+PET Cover in Cordura + Polyester
C71 - PET Cover in Polyester

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