Novus Line

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Length [m]


* NOTE: Retail prices are VAT INCLUDED. Prices are indicative and can vary, depending on the choose of colour and of rope splicing.

** The images on this page are indicative. Different colours can be found during the process of configuration.

Standard available colors

NB: Other colours could be available during the configuration of the rope


The latest new rope concept for floatable moorings and towing lines.

Novus Line is a new generation rope made with a Dyneema SK78 braiding core, which assures the 100% of the load and protected and covered by a 12 strands braid in H.T. Polypropylene with UV treatment.

The result is an incredible floating rope extremely flexible and easily maneuverable, with high breaking strength, light weight, low water absorption. It assures a good protection from accidental cutting and is spliceable with a right technique.

Construction and additional information

Double Braid - 100% Dyneema SK78 core, 100% H.T. Polypropylene Cover

  • Floating
  • Core braided with 100% Dyneema® SK78
  • PU Coated

Mooring Line

Comparative interactive table breaking loads and weights
Public Retail Prices VAT INCLUDED

Novus Line
[mm] [daN] [g/m]
14 6,000 105.00
16 7,000 120.00
18 9,000 135.00
20 10,500 182.00
22 12,700 244.00
24 14,500 290.00
26 15,800 330.00
28 17,000 350.00
30 19,400 370.00
32 20,800 390.00
36 22,000 505.00
40 25,300 568.00

BL: Breaking Load (spliced rope) WE: Rope Weight [g/m]

The average values shown are derived from Armare laboratory tests on correctly spliced new ropes, and can be changed without notice. Other diameters are available upon request. The static load of the rope should not exceed 20% of the Breaking Load indicated in the table. Knots affect the Breaking Load with reductions of up to 60%. The splicing increases the diameter by about 1.5 times. Weather exposure reduces Breaking Load of the ropes, depending on the intensity and duration of the same and also based on the composition and construction of the product.

Changes in prices depend on the choices of colours  and on the configuration step.

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