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  • DyneemaŽ SK78 [HPS+PU]

    Code: NA58

    Low creep
    Elevated breaking load
    Low elongation
    Light weight
    Low water absorption
    High UV resistance
    Great flexibility
    High resistance to cutting

    • Core braided with 100% DyneemaŽ SK78
    • HPS technology
    • PU Coated
    • Splice easy

  • DyneemaŽ SK78 [PU]

    Code: NA17

    Low stretch
    Elevated breaking load
    Light weight
    Rope more manageable
    Core more supple
    Not HPS treated

    • Core braided with 100% DyneemaŽ SK75
    • PU Coated

  • DyneemaŽ SK78

    Code: NA48

    Low stretch
    Elevated breaking load
    Light weight
    Rope more manageable
    Core more supple

    • Core braided with 100% DyneemaŽ SK78

  • VectranŽ [PU]

    Code: NA55

    Near zero creep
    Ideal when used under static loads
    Suggested on main sail and genoa halyards
    Optimal for steering line systems
    Not particularly fit for use without a sheath

    • Core braided with 100% VectranŽ
    • PU Coated
    • Splice friendly

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  • Choose a cover
  • Configure the rope

STEP 1 - Choose the technical fiber

“Armare Performance Line” products are made with four different technical fibers that can be eventually completed with different choices of protective covers. The tables  summarise the main features of the fibers used for the construction of braids.

Fiber Tenacity Modulus Creep Specific gravity Fusion temperature
[cN/dTex] [cN/dTex] [-] [g/cm3] [°C]
DYNEEMA® SK78 35,10 1.160 excellent 0,975 147
VECTRAN® 24,2 530 very good 1,410 330
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    Understanding different the types of fibres
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  • Armare Service

    A complete plan of rigging will be followed by Armare staff, from the project until the fitting on board.

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