Captive 78

with HPS + PU treatment

12 plait with DyneemaŽ SK78 impregnated with polyurethane coating and special heat treatment HPS.

  • Core braided with 100% DyneemaŽ SK78
  • HPS technology
  • PU Coated
  • Splice easy

Captive 78 with HPS + PU treatment

It preserves high Breaking Loads and low elongation thank to the use of high modulus fibres. Moreover, it holds the essential characteristics necessary to grant the good working of a Captive Winch System like flexibility, a steady shape, no sliding between core and cover, high abrasion resistance and excellent behaviour between sliding and grip on drums. The choice can be done among six different covers, with diverse characteristics suitable for different types of winch and yachts.

  • Choose a fiber
  • Choose a cover
  • Configure the rope

STEP 2 - Choose a cover

For each rope of Racing and Performance Line, it's possible to choose between a Captive 78 single braid  or a double braid composed by a Captive 78 core and a protection cover, among the six available. 

Super Yacht Line: The covers