DyneemaŽ SK99 [HPS+PU]

with HPS + PU treatment

12 plait with DyneemaŽ SK99 impregnated with polyurethane coating and special heat treatment HPS.

  • Core braided with 100% DyneemaŽ SK90
  • HPS technology
  • PU Coated
  • Splice easy
  • Low stretch

DyneemaŽ SK99 [HPS+PU] with HPS + PU treatment

Dyneema® SK99 delivers the highest tenacity available in a light weight polymer fiber. Indeed, compared to Dyneema® SK78, it shows a 20% increase on tenacity and a 35% higher modulus.  Dyneema® SK99 appears thinner and lighter weight respect to ropes with the same diameter, but with a significant increase in strength, which entails an increase on performance and a better response of the boat. Other features: low water absorption, high UV resistance, minimal elongation and good flexibility.

  • Choose a fiber
  • Choose a cover
  • Configure the rope

STEP 2 - Choose a cover

For each rope of Racing and Performance Line, it's possible to choose between a DyneemaŽ SK99 [HPS+PU] single braid  or a double braid composed by a DyneemaŽ SK99 [HPS+PU] core and a protection cover, among the six available. 

Super Yacht Line: The covers